Experience: What Does It Offer Me?

experience: What does it offer me?

A new country, new people, new tradition! Life in a foreign country is hard- how can it be otherwise? How can you behave? These questions bring up a controversial topic that I discussed with a friend of mine who had left his country for schooling the other month. From his point of view, there is a sea of difference between hearing about and experiencing overseas firsthand. As far as I am aware, nowadays, people have much in common. The ongoing process of globalization, which contributes to the combination of sociocultural factor, makes it easy to live somewhere else and follow their customs. In other words, “human blood is all of a color.” Nevertheless, it is still an understatement to say we are alike.

In a new country, Jordan is a country lies in the middle east and have border with a five country including Saudi Arabia, for the first time that I head this nation was 2005, when one of the student(Abdirasak) in our village get an a scholarship from a university in jordan, he was auspicious, ambitious and a good model for a lot of student in our village. meanwhile, I was one of that student. but unfortunately we didn’t communicate with him for almost five years, because of poor telecommunications at that time, and he had not get back for this period. but as a hall a number of student came here in jordan for every year After they completed their secondary school and get scholarships. during 2011 Abdirasak come back in his holiday to our village. at that time, I was preparing for my last year of secondary level.

when I head that he comeback, I started to meet with him in order to ask him this country, once I began to greet him, I found that he is almost changed, he became another person, he is now educator, his behavior also pass from one state to another. after awhile, we began to ask each other with a somali basic question (iska waran??) means: how are you?? and lots of other. suddenly he started to introduce me his live and education in jordan. what a country!! I am really amazed!! after a brief questions and answer session, I asked him what I can do?. he could advise me to work very hard in schoool so that in the next year I could secure a god future to support my ambition. thus my getting this advice become the solid foundation for my last year in the school.

By bellesing of allah, I won the first one in my school for my last year in the schooling period as I did before, after a period, I was one of the candidate student for scholarship in my village. lather then, I won the scholarship and they thought me that I will go to jordan for education. at that time, no body can’t measure how I was happy because my dream started to be real.

January in this year it was my arrivel in jordan after I got the vise from the university, As I went out from the airport I really breath an air that I couldn’t breath before, my dream become time after time real.

once again in a new country, one might encounter significant differences such as communication and language. I believe that the solution lies in flexibility when you settled in a new country. Moreover, since your identity and your ancestors’ tradition are closely intertwined, you must not completely ignore them. You need to maintain some of your own custom because they are part of who you are.

further more, I began my life here in jordan with a happy, smile and good imagination. although the weather was very cold at that time, but I miss it by the perfect environment which become friend with clean and good people.after award, I started the university. my new university will be Jordan University Of Science And Technology (JUST) it lies the northern part of the country specially in a city which is called Irbid, university is in the east far from the city 20 km. after starting eduction there is another program that you have to study, this is the building of the university, I had been learning this for almost two days.

for example, my first period I will take in D4203, When I am going to this room first I have to go building D, after that I can go counter M4 and M2 OR M4 and M3, when I am in this counter there is a table in the wall that indicates the floors of this part, M4203 is in level 2. so I have to walk in the upper stairs in order to go to my lecture class.

on the other hand, it is undoubtedly clear that this university have a good education and it is rank in the universities of the world is excellence.

At this time, I am taking my summer semester, including english the lecturer of this course is called Dr.Naseem Hassan, there is behind some thing in this course, the first day of the university that the summer time announced that it is open, I went to the university my first course is english so I went to the hall of the course, the lecture started we were only in half our in the class. because the student was busy with the registration.

what a shock!! I really didn’t like the lecturer because she spoke most of her speak with arabic language and I didn’t understand arabic very well. while I was in a mood for a hours and almost miss the other period, I asked my self what was your time in the course?? I think a while, I remembered that my class start in 1 oclock what A lost!! my happines come back and the next day also come back. I went to my class exactly my own time, my imagination was good, what a good imagination!!! I found a good teacher hall of her speech was english and also clear that I can understand hall of her speech. first she introduced her name and give us some rules that she will regulate the classroom during the course.

I haven’t seen and teacher like her during my education period, even my several classrooms, I have studded he in jordan and in my country, she did not only teach us the book but she gave us and extra information for every lesson. every day she gave us and advise in hall of our life and she gave us the new words and example of our daily life situation, Dr.Nasreen wouldn’t be for get for my live for here best career.


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