may last voyage

Back in 2012.02.01, was the starting of endless journey, beginning of new hopes, feeling happiness with our family and friends, why not it be??? On the other side it was somehow anxiety day, because none of us knows at what time and where we will meet our beloved Families and friends…
It was 31.01.2012, when me and My brother Khalid Mohamed Yousuf moved from borama towards Hargeisa. commonly, saying to your family goodbye is not simple; in the afternoon of that day we took a moment in front of our house in borama with our family, After that, our journey formally started…
at 3:00 Pm we were to depart the city. Leaving borma, the city that I have lived all my life,it was one of unforgettable moment in my life. I felt as if the city was holding me back,

Borama 2012

Borama 2012

but we kept on moving with a silent mood, and there we gave the last farewell to my lovely city.
Khalid and I strolled along the roadstead, crossed small villages including Dila and gabilay, and crossed towards hargeisa. Almost, it was the night of that day before we did anything we started to meet Mr.Axmad nimir(The Assistant of Mohamed geedi, the director of FBENS). We Met mr.Ahmed in front of the imposing gate of Hadhwanaag Hotel. Later on, greeting and warm hail we assembled in the hotel, through the big glass façade and across the valley one can see. On the right, the unmistakable tower of Telesom, the dominating Old Bridge of hargeisa was in conspicuous view.
My sister Faaduma Mohamed Ismail incorporated our journey here in this hotel. We spend a moment to devour our dinner.
Following that Mr.Ahmed gave us The Visa, Ticket and some important documents that will complete our destination, pursuing some Advice from IDB-SAJ and some apprise from precedent students of Somaliland whom we will follow. And that assembly ended with joy.
It was around at Noon on February 2, 2012. When we met Mohamed Abdirahaman, Abdulahi Bashir and () Inside the terminal of Hargeisa Airport. This group of students are from Puntland, they were Tired of long journey across Four region; Bari, Nugaal, Sool , togdheer up to this airport, in fact it is lengthy voyage. At the beginning , we didn’t recognize their face but fortunately we have their phone, and simply we called them and met

bidx, Abo Nour Hussein, Abiasis nour hussein, abdilaahi nour, khaalid mohamed, iyo Mohamed yousuf

bidx, Abo Nour Hussein, Abiasis nour hussein, abdilaahi nour, khaalid mohamed, iyo Mohamed yousuf

A number of our family were still with us. Including my dad Nour Hussein, Khalid’s Dad Mr, Mohamed Yousuf and also Faduma’s dad Mohamed Ismail and her Mam, About 4 o’clock in in the noon, we adieu to our family and went in to the plane; the plane is called Daalo Airline. Daalo Airline is an aged plane, working for a long time, suddenly as we enter the plane we feel some agile smell coming from back.
It was my first time to travel by plane. My group and I had taken seats next to each other. Once the plane took off, I felt that my entire organs went down; however, I discussed this action with my group. And we remembered the law of Gravity which was unique to this phenomenon.
As we follow across the air we have seen a lot of different land. Valleys, seas and farming areas which were truly strange!!
Lastly, the plane landed in Djibouti, we got off the plane and respite in the terminal of the airport. At that time, we met another group of student whom we have the same destination and the same desire of study. Those guys were smart, dressed quite nearly same cloth, which you cannot classify simply.
This group of student flew from Mugadisho, the capital city. Since they have some picture of us, immediately they started to greet us. And really, me and my group standup and except their great, those group were (Abdirahan Mohamed, Mohamed Hassan and Abdilaahi Bashiir).
Almost, at 7 o’clock of that day we began to continue our trip because we were transit in Djibouti, we did not have a time to learn anything about the country except we had a rest for a while.
We flew from Djibouti to Dubai, and that tripe took 3 consecutive hours. While we were in this journey, we have seen different places which are more bountiful and designed than the places we have seen today.
Around the midnight of that we have reached the international airport of Dubai. Dubai Is an international airport that joins a lot part of the world, and mostly the passengers passing across Africa, Asia and Europe pass as a transit.

in dubai airport

in dubai airport

Throughout the night, some of us did not sleep at all because of the busy place, but some of us did. Since I didn’t have sleep, me and my friend indha yare took a walk and moved around, east and west of the terminal. After that, we went to a cafeteria owned by Philippines; we have assembled in the seats, in order to swig Shah. But unfortunately, nobody talked to us, because there were no waiters inside the airport as we believed when we were in our country. So my friend and I went to the cashier and told them our needs, which were Two cups of tea.
She collected the cups of tea and put above the counter. In the airport when you buy something you have to pay the money before you eat and this occurrence was the next thing we found different from our country.
So she asked us the money; I solicit here with confidence how much it? , Because I was ready to buy two cups of tea. Surprisingly, she told me that every cup is $35.5! And lifted the receipt, what can we do? Swiftly, we discussed. Since it was huge money, we approved to ignore our needs; we told her that we have changed our request, so we said thanks miss. She got Angry and told us that elements which they sell are neither be changed nor returned back, and then she called somebody whom I thought a police. Therefore, it became obligatory to us taking those cups; we got back to the seat moving our foot on the ground. As we sat down and started to drink, another thing happened!! We felt a dizzy, as if we were going to vomit. Since the tea didn’t contain a sugar, it was too bitter and we couldn’t drink it. The lady saw us that we were a little bit confused, so she helped us to get sugar for the tea. And there, we had our sugared tea and then we went back to our friends.
We spend whole the night in the airport, and the next morning we sat in front of the office of the bodybus in order to get it.
Lastly, we flew from the Dubai airport almost at noon. Passing trough Qatar International Airport, we didn’t spent a lot of time there; hence, nothing were happen and directly we flew to our final destination.IMG_8478 copy
Officially, the Qatar Airways whom we were traveled by arrived in Jordan at 3o’clock 2.02.2012. then we got in to the terminal Two of the airport in order to complete our journey. Here, We met The head of IDB-SAJ (Islamic Development Bank Student Association in Jordan) mr.ahmad shire, who facilitated the process for us. While we heard that students like us that were refused to inter the country last year, because of this process, all of us were very depressed and worrying about this to happen, but Alhamdulillah, everything was done successfully and we moved to the city of Irbid.

We will stop here and insha’laha we will continue the rest the upcoming ceremony like in the following year ….
thankz .


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